<Modifiers> are a group of items that pop up when another item is added.  e.g. say a customer requests a Full English Breakfast….your waiter adds it… Tilgo will then give a popup with the ability for you to also choose an ‘Option’ e.g. Scrambled (eggs) or add an ‘Addon’ e.g. 2 x Extra Bacon.

This gives the waiter quick access to the most likely choices and also allows you to upsell. In the example above with Kingston Gin, three ‘Options’ are given. Only one option can be chosen, and one has to be chosen in order to add the Kingston Gin, i.e. it is compulsory.

When added to the bill, the modifiers will be grouped with the main item. This will also appear on the customer’s receipt, both printed and email, as well as on the printed order, e.g. that goes to kitchen printer.

Setup Modifiers

To set up or amend modifiers, go to <Back Office> <Modifiers>

In the green row, simply enter in the “Item” and the associated “Modifier”. Modifier items, e.g. “Scrambled” are setup as normal <Stock Items> and can have zero price or have a cost associated with it. It will also be factored into the inventory management process.

Group Type can either be “Option” (compulsory) or “Addon” (optional), and Group Description is used to group together several modifiers for a given item. On the example above, “How do you like your eggs cooked?” Group Description is used for the modifiers “Fried”, “Scrambled” and “Poached”, all of which have Group Type set to “Option”… This means one of those three modifiers will need to be selected by the user when adding a “Full English Breakfast”. Similarly “Toast Type?” Group Description, groups together 3 further “Options” of “White”, “Granary” and “Gluten Free”, one of which will also have to be selected in order to add “Full English Breakfast”. An item selected as a “Option” can only be added once.

The “Addon” Group Type, however are optional, and can be added multiple times, e.g. in the example above “Extra Bacon” has been added two times by the user/waiter(ess).

Include Tilgo is used to switch on and off the modifier.

Order is used to indicate the sequence in which the buttons are displayed on the popup.

Add a new line for each modifier needed for a given item, eg ‘Full English Breakfast’ has 9 modifiers, and hence a 9 lines.

Include Napkin is used to switch on and off the modifier for use on This column is shown only if you are enabled for Napkin. The modifier on is displayed and setup in the same way as on Tilgo. eg: