Disaster Strikes

What to do if something goes wrong… We run through some scenarios with solutions:

Issue : My tablet has broke.

Solution: As Tilgo does not use custom hardware… simply run down to Currys PC World and buy a new one…or if you have an Android phone in your pocket, take it out and start using it.

Issue: My printer has broke.

Solution:  If you have 2 or more printers in your premises, Tilgo will re-route all orders to the working one, so although a bit of an inconvenience you can carry on going.  Order a new printer, and get it delivered as quickly as possible.

Issue: The TilgoBox has broke.

Solution:  Let us know….we can remote access into the TilgoBox and try to fix it.. However if there is an irrecoverable hardware failure, we will send you a new TilgoBox out straight away,  first class signed-for by Royal Mail.  Tilgo backs up all your data during the middle of the night, every night. When you receive the new TilgoBox, it will automatically retrieve the last backup.

Issue: My Internet has gone down.

Solution: Tilgo does not need the Internet for day to day operations. All the data and software is stored on the TilgoBox, that is on your premises. The main Till, Back Office and all Reports should work fine.  Internet is only used for daily middle of the night cloud back up, account validation, and system updates.  So as long as you get your internet up and running in the next few days, you should not have any problems. Your payment card solution, however, may require Internet, so we suggest you get a 3G card reader as a backup, eg from the likes of SumUp.

If the Tilgo app doesn’t load using the normal icon on the app drawer/home screen, then point to the IP address of the TilgoBox in your Android Chrome Browser.  If you don’t know what your IP Address is, contact us, and we can tell you.