Client Static

The section <Back Office><Client Static> is used to setup
static information for Tilgo, that is specific to your business.

Receipts : You can customise the header and footer of the printed customer receipt by amending the first 6 rows, that start with “Receipt…”

Service Charge : On the main till, when the user clicks on the button , a service charge ‘percentage’ is added to the bill, eg 10%.  The actual percentage added is defined in <Client Static>.
Under current UK law, if you specify that this is an Optional Service Charge to the customer, then no VAT is applicable to this.   Setting “TRUE” to the row “Is Service Charge Optional when added“, will print the word “optional” next to service charge on the customer receipt. In addition you can set the “Service Charge Sales Tax Rate”, which if service charge is optional you should choose “VAT Zero”. This is the default setup.

Payment Charge Sales Tax Rate, defaulted to “VAT”, is the rate applicable to any payment card charges that are applied to the customer bill.  The Sstup of the actual charges is in the <Payment Types> section.

Trading Period Offset in Hours.  This defines when the day starts,  eg “6” specified here means 6am, so the day runs from 6:00am today to 5:59am tomorrow. This allows Bars that open until say 2am, to have their early morning sales associated with the prior day.

Max Character Length for Pin.  When creating “Users”, a numeric PIN is required for them to log in to Tilgo.  This setting here is for the maximum number characters allowed in users’ PINs.  The purpose to set a maximum, is to reduce the number of clicks the user needs to do when Logging in.  On the log in screen, the user will not need to press the “Log In” button if their PIN is the same length as the Max, as it will automatically log in when the last character is pressed.

Tab Time Flash in Minutes : Tilgo allows you add Items to a customer Tab / Table , so they can pay for everything at the end of the meal.  If nothing has been added to the Tab for a given period of time ( default set at 20 mins and configurable) , it will flash the time, when the Tabs are displayed.  This gives a visual indicator to the waitress that maybe they should check in with the customer to ascertain whether they may want to order any more items.  The Time shown on the Tab is reset to zero after any item is added to the bill.

CashOut Email addresses (comma separated). Tilgo has functionality to record the actual “Cash” taken in, in the <End Of Day Cash Out> Section. It will track the actual cash/card payments versus expected takings. Tilgo will email a summary report of the cash out to the manager, so they are aware of the daily takings, useful if they are not on-site that day.

API Key : To access the API (ipaddress/api.php) , a key needs to be passed, which is defined here. When the TilgoBox is sent to you, this default key is randomised, though you can change this if desired.

Customer Emails

Tilgo can send receipt emails to Customers. It sends the emails via your own email account, so it comes from your own domain. Hence you need to provide the following details of your email account to utilise this functionality

  • Email Address
  • Email Display Name
  • Email SMTP ServerName
  • Email Username
  • Email Password
  • Email Port

After you have entered all the details, you can send a test email by pressing the Send Button at the top of the screen.

Always show first level category on till : If set to TRUE the the first level in the <Till Category> hiearchy ( directly after ‘Top’ ) will always be visible on the till.

Enable : As well as the <Napkin Opening Times>, you can enable/disable Napkin for your customers, with the “Enable” TRUE/FALSE option. for instance you may want to immediately disable it, if you have too much demand, and cant cope with fulfilling orders, or if you have staff sickness.

Napkin “X” Option of Delivery Location… gives you the ability to choose how you will get the order to the customer, eg Table Service or Collection. The 1st option will be the default on the Napkin payment screen.

Printer Override for Napkin Orders: Here you can choose for one printer to be used for all Napkin Orders. If left blank, the printer associated with each stock item will be used.

Extra Wait Times for Delivery in Minutes: If  a customer chooses ‘Delivery’ when placing an order on Napkin, then the wait time shown to them, will be the sum of the “Collection Wait Time”  plus the “Extra Wait Times for Delivery in minutes”. For instance if this is set to 5 minutes, and the “Collection Wait Time” is 10 mins at the point the customer submitted the order, then the delivery wait time shown to the customer will be 15 minutes. “Collection Wait Time” is defined under <Napkin Opening Times>.

VAT Rates

There are 3 VAT Rates set up in Tilgo. This can not be changed by the user, and will be updated by Tilgo when UK Law changes.

  • VAT 20pc : set at 20%
  • VAT 5pc:  Set at 5%
  • VAT Zero : Set at 0%
  • Hospitality : 5% VAT Rate from 15-Jul-2020 to 12-Jan-2021, otherwise 20%.