Categories / Groups

Tilgo has 5 types of Categories / Groups….

Till Category – is specifically for displaying items on the Till, and can have an infinite number of levels. Items can be assigned at any level, parent or child. Items assigned to “Top” appear on the front screen of the till, and hence is usually used for the favourite/most frequently used items.

This is under <Back Office><Till Category>

Report Category – Used for the purpose of generating <Reports>. eg ‘Sales By Group’. There can only be 2 levels of hierachy.  Furthermore when assigning a report category to a <StockItem> it can only be tagged at Level 2.  This is unlike ‘Till Category’ which can be tagged to a StockItem at any level.

As only two levels are available, moving a category to a different level is not possible, you can only move a category within its level. It a Stock Item is not linked to a Report Category, it will display ‘Unknown’ in the <Reports>.

Napkin Category – Used for grouping items for when customers order online through Only one level of hierachy is available.

Payment Groups – One Level available, used for reporting purposes, for grouping different types of payments, eg Cash, Cards, Mobile

Promotion Groups – in aid of creating promotions, like ‘2 cocktails for £7’ or ‘3 course meal for £25’.